Peter Slaney Productions

Artistic Licence. No Boundaries™

Aerial  Film & Photography 

Providing Aerial Cinematography and Aerial Photography for movie, television, documentary and commercial productions in 4K/Ultra HD.

In situations where conventional aircraft are not an option, our drones can be used to capture breathtaking images that you just can't get with traditional methods. Our aircrafts give off no emissions, little noise and are suitable for filming in sensitive areas, such as nature reserves, while the UAV transmits live images back to our flight base station.

High-performance aerial filming platforms provide great advantages and the unlimited perspectives, reducing not only set up times but ultimately decreasing costs.  Conventional aircraft, such as helicopters, must stay above 300 feet to operate safely.  Our UAV multicopters can capture that important shot from 1' – 400′ to give views that helicopters just can't provide.

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